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Short story

A small manor-park complex is located one kilometer south from Bartoszyce, near the road to Ketrzyn.
The estate was built here relatively late, because it was only in the first half of the nineteenth century.
In the twenties it had only 142 acres of land and belonged to the Teichert family. Since ancient times, there has been preserved the manor house with a road, remains of the park and farm buildings.
A nice proportional building was erected in the second half of the 19th century in a classicist style. The facades of the building are decorated with modest classic details. The manor is currently a private property of Mrs. Jadwigi and Mr Jan Jeżewicz’.

Dobrawa Tower

Long ago the master of this manor house was a rich nobleman named Dębówka, who cruelly oppressed his peasants. He had an only child, the daughter named Dobrawa who he treated really sternly. The daughter was very beautiful, wise and surreptitiously helped the locals. Dobrawa fell in love with the poor gardener – Bartosz. In the evenings he sat down under an old beech and sang romantic songs. When the noble found out about their love, he decides to marry her off as soon as possible. He chose rich Baron Mściwoj and did not care that he was old and ugly. Dobrawa categorically opposed the will of her father. For her disobedience she was closed with a padlock in a tower.
Many days spent Dobrawa in the tower, pouring her tears. One summer night, at the full moon, the storm blew. Lightening struck across the sky, the wind was raging, surroundings were drowned in the pouring rain. In the morning, when everything calmed down, the nobleman went to the tower and was dismayed. The cell door was opened, and the cell was empty. Bartosz, her beloved, also disappeared. The father ordered to find the escapees, but the lovers disappeared. The padlock from the prison’s door was hanging on the railing of the bridge with engraved names Dobrawa and Bartosz as a sign of their love.
The locals tells if someone will put a padlock with their names and the key will throw into the pond, that ensure that they will succeed in love, and this love will last as long as the padlock hangs at the bridge. Listen intently to the sound of an old beech, saying the legend of true love, which has overcome the adversity of the fate, and try our liqueur as after the degustation of local liqueur produced in our Manor house all worries will disappear and the soul will pull to singing.

Manor house Dębowko is friendly to families

Manor house Dębowko is a friendly place to families with children. We provide comfort, security and peace to our guests, including the youngest.


Children up to 5 years old stay free
Large playground full of attractions: mini rope park, swings, trampolines, blown slides and more..
Animation for children

Manor house Cellars

The charming underground is the perfect place for unique dinner for two persons or for business dinner in a good atmosphere.
Occasional meetings are held in the Oak banquet hall for up to 40 people.

Dworek Dębówko Dębówko 1, 11-200 Bartoszyce GPS: N+54°14'06.5" E+20°51'03.0" Właścicielem jest Jadwiga Jeżewicz

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Dworek Dębówko